Industry experts on growth


Nick De Mey

Co-Founder at
Board of Innovation

International speaker. Helping corporates innovate like startups.

Yannick Khayati

Founder at

The Growth Revolution

Launched the first growth agency in Belgium, now working for corporates & scale-ups all over the world.

Justin Wu

Head of Growth at CoinCircle

$3m in Kickstarter, 500k app downloads, SaaS over $100k MRR / $1MM ARR

Kay Snels

Marketing manager at 


Antwerp born & raised. 

San Francisco based.
Focuses on marketing strategy and campaigns. 

Jorn Vanysacker

VP Marketing at 


International speaker on growth and serial entrepreneur.

Isabelle Dumortier

Founder at 


Serial entrepreneur and retail specialist.

Wim Labie

Digital Change Evangelist

at Around Media

Digital Strategist at LAVA consult and GDPR pragmaticus.

Sujan Patel

Co-Founder at

Ramp Ventures

Helped 178 entrepreneurs 10x their business. Exited 7 Saas startups.

Savvas Zortikis

Co-Founder & CEO Viral Loops

Creator of the number one Viral Marketing tool in the world.

Moos Tits

CMO & Co-founder at Poppy Mobility

Launched the first eco-friendly car sharing service in Belgium. 

Startup veteran.

Ferdinand Goetzen

Head of Growth at Recruitee

International lead speaker, one of  the fastest growing Saas company in the Netherlands.

Josh Fechter

Co-Founder of 

BAMF Media

Forbes' top 12 innovative founders, BAMF Facebook group owner.

Claire Shapiro

Strategic Design Thinker at Board of Innovation

As a Design Sprint Master at Google, Claire taught the Google Design Sprint methodology across the world

Pieter Van Leugenhagen

Co-Founder at

All-round entrepreneur and marketer, International Growth Director at Yondr

Marnik D'Hoore

Founding CEO Bloovi & Bloovi Careers

Entrepreneur and owner of multiple Bloovi brand companies.

Anna Stepanova

Senior Director Innovation at Thomson Reuters

Drives the initiatives to nurture the strong innovation culture at TR from seed funding to execution.

Jan Manssens

Directeur Enterprise Strategy 

& Innovation at Proximus

Leading strategy definition, strategy execution follow-up, incubation of innovation & growth domains.

Luke Szkudlarek

Founding Partner at

Has raised more than $55M

through more than 10 ICO 


Marie Perez

Lead Innovation Strategist 

at Philips

Bridging the gap between foresight thinking and bringing innovations to market. 

Pieter Strouven

Co-Founder at

Empowering marketers with predictive marketing data, self-learning algorithms and the power of AI.

How to Share With Just Friends

One-on-one with Moos Tits, CMO & Co-Founder of Poppy

Posted by The Growth Revolution

First Episode of the Fireside Chat Series for The Growth Conference: Gilles DC one-on-one with Moos Tits, CMO & Co-Founder of go Poppy 😎🚀


How to Share With Just Friends

One-on-one with Savvas, Co-Founder and CEO of Viral Loops.

Posted by The Growth Revolution


Savvas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Viral Loops, the number one referral marketing tool in the world. 

How to Share With Just Friends

One-on-one with Ferdinant, Head Of Growth for Recruitee.

Posted by The Growth Revolution


As Head Of Growth for Recruitee, Ferdinand has a holistic vision on growth, where marketing is just a part of the equation. Find out his vision:


7 june, 2018 

Antwerp, Belgium 

Ping us with #GrowthConf18




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